Monday, February 20, 2012

Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder

Every time I read one of Mo Hayder's novels I think that it will be the last one I read. Hayder has the ability to dredge the darkest corners and place them out in full view for her readers. If that was all she did then readers would quickly get fed up, but she's also a compelling story teller with a knack for an earned and surprising ending.

Lorna Wood, a teenager disappears and then is found dead—murdered. Messages written with lipstick are left on her body. Because this is a high profile case a forensic psychologist is called in to help profile the murderer.

Her assessment and that of Zoe, a local policewoman differ. Hayder introduces other characters: Sally, Zoe's sister, and Ben, Zoe's lover. Sally and Zoe haven't been in touch for years. Hayder explores the background of the two women and where they are at this point in their lives.

Sally's husband left her and she is barely scraping by financially. Her relationship with her daughter Millie is often tumultuous, in part because Sally can't afford to pay for all the extras.

Threading through the story: a porn kingpin, an ill and scary groundskeeper, self- mutilation, incorrect assessments.

The ending, unexpected, but logical as you see it unfold, moves at a rapid pace. I wanted to yell out don't you realize what will happen

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