Saturday, September 24, 2011

Settled in the Wild: Notes From the Edge by Susan Shetterly

When I vacationed in Maine I chanced upon this book in a favorite bookstore.

In 1971 Susan Shetterly and her husband moved to an unfinished cabin on sixty acres of land in Down East Maine. The rigors of that life took its toll and the marriage faltered.

Shetterly moved to another area in Maine, which over time altered. It's rural setting pecked away by developers. Her home, however, is on the edge— so she still enjoys the woods and the wild. It is this locale that she explores. Her love of the woods began in childhood.

At one point in the book she says of someone that he was " of the first people I knew who loved a sense of place."

It is the sense of place that Shetterly so aptly explores and writes about.

Non-Fiction Challenge ( nature)

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