Monday, November 14, 2011

The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

This is the first in a series. I do like to start with the first book because I like to follow the development of relationships. In the Surgeon Tess Gerritsen introduces a few characters who , I expect, will keep appearing.

Rizzoli is the only female on the Boston Homicide Division. She's a bit prickly because as a woman in a men's domain she feels that she doesn't get the respect she's earned. She and her partner are called upon to investigate a brutal murder.

A serial killer is loose. One whose manner of killing is quite horrific—before slashing his female victim's throat he cuts into their stomach with a scalpel and removes their uterus. He is dubbed the surgeon.There were similar murders in Savannah, Georgia several years prior to the Boston murder. The killings stopped when his last victim shot him just as he was prepared to slice into her. That last victim was Dr. Cordell, a noted cardiac surgeon in a Boston hospital.

A number of incidents indicate that the victim the surgeon is really after is Dr. Cordell. The question — since Dr. Cordell killed the killer, who is this new killer? Is he a copy cat killer?

Gerritsen utilizes her medical background to be quite specific and detailed when writing of the killing; however, her writing is taut, controlled and the pace is quick. I found myself totally absorbed in the story and the side stories.

Would her partner Detective Thomas Moore, whose wife had died, continue with his relationship with Dr. Cordell.

I'll definitely continue with this series—I can always skim some of the more graphic scenes.

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