Friday, March 11, 2011

Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham

Mix a young woman, Meg, whose husband Martin died in the war, her present fiancé, Gregory, and add a scheme to find a treasure and you have the basic plot.

Martin had, before his death, told some men in his platoon that there was a treasure buried in his old family home on the French coast. One of the men, a rather unscrupulous individual, Jack Havoc, hatches a plan while he is in prison— his aim is to find the treasure.

Add a score of colorful minor criminals, Albert Campion's decidedly good uncle Canon Avril, and a plot that includes the kidnapping of Gregory, a murder, and a connection between the Canon and Havoc and his mother. For good measure stir in the ingredients of good and evil, gallantry and jealousy and you have a plot worthy of Masterpiece Theatre.

Vintage Mystery Challenge

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  1. I really like this one when I read it. It's been several years, though, so the details were a bit hazy for me.

    I've got this one added at the progress site.