Monday, March 7, 2011

Gone by Mo Hayder

Several years ago I read one of Mo Hayder's earlier books and found that her explicit descriptions of crimes edged close to my over the top barometer. That's not the case in her recent book— Gone.

Because I hadn't read the two previous detective Jack Caffery and police diver sergeant Flea Marley books I appreciated it when Mo Hayder brought the reader up to date about key events in the previous two books.

In Gone Hayder creates a suspect who steals cars, but these aren't empty cars. In each car there is a child. Within a short period of time two girls are abducted this way. Hayder builds up the suspense while she also gives the reader some insight into the families of the missing girls. The suspense mounts as the police seem unable to get inside the mind of the person responsible.

Caffery , as well as teams of police are searching everywhere. Flea meanwhile is convinced that the tunnels and a buried canal are relevant. Hayder does a remarkable job describing the search in those tunnels. One can almost feel the sludge and smell the fetid air.

Both Caffery and Marley are aided in their search by two "people" outside of the pale of reality. Caffery's Walking Man—who some critics think is his alter ego—goads him into thinking outside of the box. Marley hears the voice of the deceased father.

They both seek to find a pattern which eludes them. Mo Hayder builds the story and the suspense until things fall into place. It's a riveting story with an unexpected ending. What I especially enjoyed was Hayder's characters—major and minor. their stories added to this polce procedural.

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