Friday, December 31, 2010

Mysteries in 2011

Along with several other challenges I'll be participating in the Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenge. Mysteries I've collected at library book sales remain stacked on a "to be read" shelf. Challenges are a motivation to thin out some of those stacks while still reading the books on library shelves.

Challenges afford me the luxury of discovering new authors without too much hard work—although I do love picking up a book and scanning the contents. I read a page here and there to get a feel for the author's style and pace.

Scroll down my blog to see the challenges on the right. If you're interested in participating—simply click the picture and a link will connect you to the page describing the challenge and how you can participate.

The Mystery and Suspense Challenge is hosted by Book Chick City. 'Tis a British Blog.

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