Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seeking Enlightenment by Nevada Barr

I picked this book up this afternoon. Despite being published in 2003, I found it on the new book rack at the library.Perhaps it's new to the library.

Several years ago I read one of Barr's National Park mysteries. My partner has read them all and loves learning about the parks --especially the ones we've visited. I was curious about a book seemingly away from her usual territory. 

Besides when I flipped through it I found the page with a quote from Jerry Garcia --" What a long strange trip it has been." Who of a certain age doesn't remember his artistry on the guitar?

There's nothing new, but it was intriguing to read about her path and note how so much of her life shows up in her books 

Barr is honest and doesn't paint herself as someone who knows all the answers, just the ones that work for her. 

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