Friday, June 11, 2010

The Big Bang Symphony

The Big Bang Symphony
by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

I've always been fascinated with Antarctica and usually read non-fiction accounts. So reading a fictional account was a new experience.

Lucy Bledsoe has not created a story out of bits and pieces she has read. She has been to Antarctica three times. In her acknowledgements she lists a number of people whose expertise enabled her to write a story that adheres to the reality of both research in Antarctica and the daily life of those who spend time in one of the field camps.

The Big Bang Symphony cast of characters includes three women, a composer, a kitchen worker, and a geologist. They each have a different reason for being in Antacrtica.

Music, men, geology, science--all are part of the story. Over the course of several weeks the three women bond and Ms Bledsoe certainly gives you the impression that this is a lifelong friendship.

Did I enjoy the book? Yes, with reservations. Too many of the situations between the women and men or other women seemed contrived. Also all the bows were tied at the end of the book. That seemed too convenient.

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